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Welcome to Core Geologic, a full service geologic consulting firm providing solutions for optimal production and cost efficiency to the upstream oil and gas market. Our services support all phases of resource development. We provide primary and supplementary geological experts for evaluation and development of conventional and unconventional assets.

Regional Expertise & Scalable Service

Our clients range in size from small to large cap E&P companies. Our experience covers almost every North American Basin in addition to projects conducted in South America and Middle East. Core Geologic prides itself on a dynamic service model that can be easily tailored to specific client and project needs. Through our extensive professional network and 30+ staff geologists, Core Geologic has the resources to accommodate private, publicly traded and national oil companies. Whether you have recently made an acquisition or are planning a 300 well development program we can provide the expert geologic support that ensures your project’s success.

About Us

What do we do? What don’t we do would probably be a shorter list. With Core Geologic and our partnership with RPM Consulting, we can take your prospect from initial evaluation to completions installation.

Founded on the belief that our people are our most important resource, our top-tiered consultant will typically be a master degreed geologist with 5+ years’ experience in Senior, Operations or Development Geologist positions as well as solid field and rig experience. In 2016, 68% of oil and gas CEOs stated they value software and data over personnel, but in reality, software is only as useful as the fingers on the keyboard and data is meaningless without proper interpretation.

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Core Geologic has extensive experience in North American,  South American and the Middle Eastern Basins. With our service, we search our pool of contractors to find the team with the right experience for your project. Whether you’re targeting a new zone, or have a particular geohazard unique to your field, our geologists have “been there, done that” and done it well.

Whether you are in the exploration, development or operations phase of a project Core Geologic can help.

Check out the interactive map to see more details on our experience in specific basins across the globe.

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Our services

Consultant Geology

Top-tier geologists and engineers that bring an unprecedented level of expertise to your project. Our contractors specialize in every phase of development, operations and financial evaluation of an asset.
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Maximize production with well-placement expertise. Our scalable solutions adapt to any size of project or level of responsibility. With remote, onsite and in-house models available, our specialists provide the exact coverage your project demands.
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Reliable, experienced geologists with regional specific expertise. Our wellsite geology teams provide top-quality service and supervision for all geological activity on your rig site.
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