Consultant Geology

Our unique Project Management system can provide all the specialists you need to need to take your asset from the initiation to closure phase, and we can do it at a fraction of the cost of all the salaries necessary to have all the expertise you need in house. With Core Geologic and RPM Consulting, you have access to a network of geologists and engineers with a wide range of specialty in discipline, geographic focus and methodology. Imagine being able to hire 6 specialists for the price of one!

Whether your project is new exploration, a newly acquired lease, farm-in, in-fill or partnership property, Core Geologic can provide exceptional insight and expertise to fully optimize the planning and execution of any drilling program.

Development Geology

Optimal production is the goal of any oil and gas venture, and attaining this goal begins in the earliest stages with the decision to buy an asset. From there, the daunting task begins of deciding where to drill, how to drill and what to target. To properly and fully assess all of the data required to make informed decisions about each stage of your drilling program, you need a team of geologists and engineers. Our geologists have a proven track record of success and reliability in multiple basins in the US and internationally. Maximum value can be extracted from your asset with effective planning from talented people.

  • Asset Evaluation
  • Prospect Review and Viability Analysis
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Field Development Plans
  • Risk/Uncertainty Assessment
  • Data Compilation & Verification

Operations Geology

Our consultant operations geologists have one goal: Turn your plan into a producing asset in a way that is both cost effective and time efficient. Making critical decisions on the fly as new data becomes available is key to achieving this goal. Core Geologic consultants have proven themselves capable of success time and time again in a variety of basins and drilling environments. Since we’ve “been there, done that”, we can recommend the right vendors and services for various locations and projects.

  • Generate and execute Geological Prognosis
  • Horizontal Well Planning
  • Offset Well Evaluation
  • Manage and coordinate coring, wireline logging and geological services
  • Review and manage onsite contractors
  • Maintain effective communication between rig and office personnel
  • Oversee realtime data acquisitions: wellsite geology, geo-steering, mudlogs, drilling reports
  • Update and improve geological models based on incoming data
  • Geo-hazard identification and mitigation

Reserve Estimates & Audits

Financially focused evaluations are necessary for SEC filings, taxes, mergers and acquisitions. Third party actuarial review can be critical for operators, royalty owners, financiers and government officials. With thorough review, compilation and interpretation of your available data, we can provide accurate estimates, valuation and verification of assets to fulfill your due diligence and decision confidence.

  • Reserve Audits
  • Asset Valuation
  • Reservoir Estimations
  • Economic Viability
  • Verification and Review


Horizontal well placement technology has advanced tremendously in the past decade, as well as drilling rates and lateral lengths. It’s no longer viable to expect your in-house geologist to be able to geo-steer while tending to their many other responsibilities with current and upcoming wells. Geo-steering needs to be active and intense around the clock. Depending on rig count and personal preference, companies require a wide variety of solutions for geo-steering. With Core Geologic, you get flexible, scalable solutions for any size operation whether you merely need remote monitoring on occasion or a fully staffed command center (our or yours), we have the people, who with proactive interpretation and communication, will maximize your well’s target exposure with minimal dog-leg severity. It’s not enough to be in the right spot if you can’t get the completions equipment in there afterwards.

Having a geo-steering specialist with an awareness of the bigger picture of your project will maximize your well’s production. Wells are expensive and require trust in people responsible for decisions, so we strive to keep your team consistent during your project giving you a chance to really know and trust your geo-steering specialists and giving them a chance to get familiar with your preferences as a client. Whether you prefer your geo-steering team to alert you for target changes, or make the call themselves, Core Geologic is prepared for any level of responsibility on any scale. Reviewing horizontal data after the fact can be just as challenging, if not more so, than real-time steering. For new asset purchases a full revision of the previous operators well placement and horizontal reservoir exposure is critical to future project success and understanding completions an production of existing wells.

  • In-House
  • Remote
  • Command Center Staffing
  • Well Placement Review


Successful wells require skilled, seasoned personnel at nearly every level. If your rig site is some place with poor communication, you need boots on the ground able to interpret data, geo-steer and make decisions in the moment. When interpretations and analysis from in-house or remote staff are inconclusive, drilling decisions may rely on onsite data. Our wellsite geologists are some of the best, with regionally specific expertise you can depend on no matter what basin. With their finger on the pulse of the operation, and available to supervise coring and logging operations, our wellsite geologists provide reliable onsite oversight of your operation. Mudlogging may be a dirty job, but when done, it still needs to be done right. While we provide top-tier wellsite geologists anywhere, Core Geologic can also provide standard mudlogging services in the Rockies and Williston basin regions and recommend reliable affiliate companies that we’ve worked with and trust for other basins.

  • Wellsite Geology
  • Onsite Geosteering
  • Gas Detection
  • Geochemical Sampling
  • Coring Supervision
  • Logging Quality Control
  • Mudlogging