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With Core Geologic and our partnership with RPM Consulting, we can take your prospect from initial evaluation to completions installation.

Founded on the belief that our people are our most important resource, our top-tiered consultant will typically be a master degreed geologist with 5+ years’ experience in Senior, Operations or Development Geologist positions as well as solid field and rig experience. In 2016, 68% of oil and gas CEOs stated they value software and data over personnel, but in reality, software is only as useful as the fingers on the keyboard and data means nothing without proper interpretation.

A changing economy

Let’s face it, the oil economy has radically changed since 2015. As companies strive to run lean internally, the same responsibilities are divided among fewer people, and eventually leads to someone handling something with which they have no experience. Core Geologic and RPM Consulting see the value and benefit of the contractor model for the modern oil industry. A company is only as talented as it’s people, so in place of one geologist that requires additional education and training with each new project or asset, what if for the same cost, or even less, you could have access to an entire network of geologists and engineers with decades of experience in any basin or project your company enters? Companies that implement the contractor model can pivot more readily and have access to more expertise before, during and after any operation.

We strive to find and retain top professionals with exceptional skills sets and cultivate a relationship based on professionalism and accountability. With Core Geologic, rest assured that your consultant has been extensively vetted and screened for knowledge and dependability in a variety of circumstances.

Think your operation is too small or too large for us? Think again. Core Geologic has the network and resources to accommodate small private, publicly traded and national oil companies. Whether you need expertise on 3 wells this quarter or 300 wells over 10 years, our team has the right experts for your project.

For any company, hiring the right people is usually the first and the hardest step to success. Since we’ve already hired them, let us loan them to you.

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